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World's First Blockchain-Based Skill Sharing Platform Empowering Local Communities.

What started as a dream in the extraordinary mind of Founder & CEO, Misha Malik, turned into a reality when this idea was nurtured and developed by 7 of her fellow Oxford University alumni. With a vision that extends beyond the basic requirements of any random business, GIG9 is one that is destined to disrupt the global gig economy by helping people gain financial independence thereby empowering local communities.


According to the International Labour Organisation, by the end of 2018, approximately 1.4 billion people around the world will find themselves in vulnerable jobs which will lead to an expansion in the global gig economy worth 2 trillion US dollars.

As consumers, in this age of modern technology, we still use brick and mortar methods to search, assess, recommend and pay service providers that we urgently need. Even if we find someone, we cannot be fully confident in their performance ratings, skills and pricing model, so we end up paying rip-off prices to an agency or broker instead.

Service providers, on the other hand, struggle to find clients and regular job assignments.

Therefore, 8 Oxford Alumni who met at the renowned Oxford University Fintech Programme developed a revolutionary idea to disrupt the upcoming $2 trillion gig economy which will ultimately change and shape the future of the global service industry:
• This peer-to-peer decentralized ecosystem directly connects local service providers and users, powered by blockchain-based smart contracts with the sole mission to empower local communities.
• It will connect society like never before in terms of sharing skills and lending hands.
• Those with a technical skill (plumbing, legal advice, carpentry, financial advice, event management) or those willing to lend a hand (picking up someone`s laundry or groceries, walking someone`s dog, babysitting, etc) can register on GIG9.
• There`s always someone who needs something done and always someone who can get the job done... locally. The possibilities are endless.
• Additionally, GIG9 will actively campaign for female entrepreneurship, young business leaders, skilled workers and even individuals with disabilities by giving them a platform to envision and gain success.


We have found our niche in establishing a direct connection between users and local service providers. Current freelancing platforms focus on professionals connecting remotely; what GIG9 does is provide a personal touch and allow users to get the job done locally.

Similar to Uber, GIG9 operates on a `Provider Navigation System` where users have the ability to actively track the location of their service provider due to the enhanced GPS-mapping technology. Additionally, users can enjoy the benefits of not having to pay any advertising costs, sign up costs or membership fees, and will also provide an escrow service powered by smart contracts to ensure that all parties are protected in a transaction.

As a brief overview, GIG9 has basically utilized the combined power, efficiency, accuracy and transparency of the advanced technologies of GPS, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring forward location-based tracking and democratized feedback mechanism. Additionally, this will also lead to the introduction of a revolutionary utility token 9Coin for easy transactions and low cost as well as the ability to learn through the decentralized network to make our users` experience better every day.

This shall all allow us to steer onto the path of GIG9 empowering people to have financial independence by reinventing their potential, and creating opportunities, thereby disrupting the global gig economy.

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