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Law Working Group - Legal Services -

Company of lawyers specialized in business and tax advise. Also, we advise companies in growth from their beginning. Our company is in the center of Bilbao, one of the most important cities in Spain for companies. Our specialties: business law, labor law, tax advice, consultancy and financial agency

Law Working Group, sees the light with an objective; carry out business advice, tax, labor, accounting and legal advice no forgotten European cities, like London, business center and entrepreneurship par excellence in Europe.

We have staff from 5 to 20 years of professional experience, we offer solutions adapted to all our customers, being able to mix freshness and seniority in the same place.

Our clients define us with 3 words: integrity, efficiency and seriousness. A fundamental pillar in this Office, it is our clients, from the first moment, we try to give a solution whatever happens, starting from the basic "there is no small client" and offering a equalitarian deal in our services.

Our Services:
1. Specialists in Civil Law:
- Drafting and negotiation of contracts.
- Claims in contractual matters.
- Claims for amount due to non-payment.
- Purchase and sale of real estate.

2. Commercial and Bankruptcy Law:
- Company creditors and Second Chance Act:
• Advice in current and imminent insolvency situations.
• Preparation of feasibility plans.
• Refinancing agreements.
• Cost reduction.
• Working Capital Management and the Treasury.
• Liquidation processes, closings and divisions of companies.
• Advice in pre-bankruptcy phase.
• Comprehensive advice on insolvency matters.

- Commercial contracts:
• Acquisition of societies and companies, Due Diligence.
• Partner agreements.
• Corporate operations in general (capital increase and decrease, statutory amendments).
• Advice to Board of Directors, maintenance of Council Secretariats.
• Preparation of General Shareholders' Meetings.

3. Labor Law:
• Labor Litigation, defense of workers and companies.
• Defense against labor inspections.
• Negotiations of Collective Agreements.

4. Banking Law: we carry out claims against financial institutions, such as:
• Fraudulent variable mortgage interest limit above the Euribor `Clausula Suelo`.
• Mortgage creation expenses, interest on loan delays and commissions for debit positions.
• Complex mortgages such as multi-currency mortgages and use of other reference indices such as Mibor, Libor or IRPH.
• Toxic financial products.

5. Tax, labor and accounting advice: Advice adapted to your size and needs, constant and direct for freelancers and companies. We also interpose resources and claims before the Treasury (Agencia tributaria `Hacienda`):

5.1. Tax Advice:
• Presentation of taxes (Income, VAT, Companies, Inheritances and Donations and ITP).
• Tax litigation: such as claims and economic-administrative and contentious judgments.
• Defense against tax crimes to the Public Treasury (Agencia Tributaria `Hacienda`).

5.2. Employment advice:
• Hiring, dismissals/Fires and payroll preparation.
• Preparation of employment contracts.
• Assistance with labor inspections and labor disputes.

5.3. Accounting:
• Preparation of the accounting of your business on a monthly basis.
• Presentation of Profit and Loss Reports and Situation Balances quarterly.
• Registration, legalization and deposit of official books.

6. Financial Agency: We manage, review and accompany you in your financing project, from a mortgage or business line of credit to complex financial investments. We use our legal and financial knowledge to advise you from the beginning to the end such individuals and companies.

7. Entrepreneurs: Willing to start a new adventure on your own? Call and contact us without compromise. Start with us from scratch, we accompany you, we train and we guide you to make your project a reality.

• Personalized treatment and entrepreneur training.
• Development of viability plans and search for financing and subsidies.
• Study and prior advice of your business idea.
• Presentation of potential customers and suppliers.

8. Services in the United Kingdom (UK services): We offer Spanish Law services to individuals and Spanish and English companies.

• Advice to English and Spanish residents in the UK for the purchase and sale of real estate anywhere in Spain. Assistance, revision of contracts, negotiation of prices and accompaniment to the Notary. We also offer bank financing services to obtain the best possible mortgage.
• For Companies and Startups: Creation of companies or affiliated companies in Spain, transfers to the Basque Country or to the fiscal and production area that best suits your company.
• Search of Basque and Spanish clients and suppliers for English and Spanish businessmen in the UK.
• Placement agency (for Spanish people who want to move to the UK): Study and work in Cambridge or London, we prepare you for your trip, legal advice, accommodation search, obtaining English National Insurance Number, preparation of your CV and first Interview in English to know your English level.

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