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Computer Aid International

We provide secure IT disposal with a social impact. Computer Aid was founded in 1997 with an aim of ending the digital divide. Over 20 years later we`re still providing access to information and communication technology in developing countries. We believe that access to ICT can transform lives and our work is underpinned by a deep commitment to human rights, fighting poverty and discrimination of all kinds

Whilst ICT used effectively can help make the world a better place, electronic waste is a major global problem. We are committed to environmental protection and ensuring that electronic products, including computers, tablets and phones, do not end up in landfill.

Our Story

We are a non-profit social enterprise, and since 1997 we have helped over 15 million people worldwide. We have provided over 260,000 computers and other equipment in over 100 countries, enabling over 1 billion hours of access and learning.

We believe that technology is a necessity for quality education in the 21st century and can create a better learning environment. ICT skills are a route out of poverty for countries and individuals, allowing them to access information easily, communicate with other areas of the world and use educational resources. Today Computer Aid is one of the leading information and technology for development (ICT4D) organizations

Our approach has been based upon

• Providing access to low cost hardware and industry standard software
• Training to internationally recognized standards and qualifications using local resources and facilities as far as possible
• Maximizing the impact of ICT in raising educational standards and achievement
• Ensuring full compliance with country and locally agreed curricula
• Full monitoring and evaluation of our projects and impact based reporting
• Meeting other locally agreed needs such as providing access to energy, the internet and digital education resources
• Sustainably recycling electronic waste at the end of its useable life.

In the UK and Europe, we have worked with businesses and organisations to sustainably recycle and reuse their unwanted tech. We have given IT equipment a second life through our partners and projects around the world. By offering a secure IT disposal service we help companies to ethically and efficiently dispose of their spare tech while remaining in compliance with GDPR, WEEE and Hazardous Waste regulations.

Access to digital technologies has enriched learning experiences, better-prepared students for further education and competitive job markets, and improved communications for rural farmers and communities - meaning greater food security and broader opportunities to improve livelihoods.

The challenge is enormous but our ambition is huge. Over the last 20 years we have seen how ICT4D can provide opportunities. We have relied on supporters and donors who enabled us to reduce the digital divide throughout the world.

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