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DPS Brand Consultancy Ltd

You have a GREAT business, you NEED a great brand!

At DPS Brand Consultancy, the goal is to help you learn and implement the fundamental aspects that will help you create a great brand. The support you receive is holistic because your brand is about your whole business, not just it's image!

The foundation of a great brand is it's mission, vision and values. Without these you cannot build consistency, quality of service or develop preference and loyalty you need to sustain your business.

We focus on helping you use your strengths and assets to overcome your weaknesses and challenges in order to build a brand that has strength, credibility and focus on delivering a high quality proposition that clients and customers are loyal to because they are your brand advocates.

We are a people centric business. We know that people, whether its your customers, your team, your suppliers or your stakeholders, are all a key part of helping you and your business to grow, which is why we invest a lot of time in helping our clients to create a culture that is motivational, inspirational and respectful of those contributions that allow your business to function successfully.

We recognise that every business owner is an individual with their own ideas and aspirations, so our services are completely tailored to your needs and goals.

For more information on how we can help you develop your great business into a great brand please visit our stand (YBC16) in the YBC Village.

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