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Listening To Your Voice Ltd

Managing change is an integral part of any organisation. How we deal with unexpected challenges that occur in our personal and professional lives impacts an organisation, one way or another. At these times it is critical for leaders to prioritised what steps they need to take to ensure that their employees remain engaged and motivated.

`Say Yes to New Opportunities` shares Ruth Pearson's own personal journey of the transformation that occurred in her life and some of her clients. It is a very practical personal development book. It naturally blends experiences from education and the business world. It covers areas around motivation, listening effectively, how to have the right attitude and level of engagement in our personal and professional lives. The book is highly recommended for anyone who would like to know how they can focus and achieve their own personal goals whilst also embracing new opportunities that will arise in the process of self- discovery. The book will help individuals to learn the strategies needed, so that when opportunities arrive, they will be able to embrace them and stand out from the crowd. They will become one of the minority and not the majority. The book is also helpful for people who are new into business as it shares the challenges that Ruth overcame by the use of a variety of networking groups. She will be sharing her experiences as one of the seminar speakers with Your Business Community. .

Due to her own personal experiences, Ruth Pearson, the founder, has undertaking training to be a verifier of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter which is about looking after the well-being of staff.

Looking after your staff
• Increases productivity
• Improves communication
• Creates a better work-life balance
• Delivers a happier work environment

Integrity is the first characteristic that is important to Ruth as a good leader. Other things that are important are being an excellent role model; and being a change agent to help others who are feeling anxious, stressed or having other challenges to become more confident, up-skilled and productive both in their professional and personal lives. She uses these values in all areas of her work - coaching, training, motivational speaking or in her role as a television presenter and broadcaster.

Ruth is a certified Master coach and also has over 25 years` experience in the education sector including several years working as a senior leader. She has a genuine passion to see both individuals and businesses grow by developing themselves and their teams. She knows the importance of good communication and the role it plays to help businesses to improve productivity and increase profits.

Ruth`s first book, `Listening for God`s Voice`, is about developing intimacy in families, communities, businesses and with God. Real life experiences are shared. At the end of the book she introduces the concept of Focused Attention Time (F.A.T.). This is about actively communicating with others giving them your undivided time. All external distractions are removed. In the conversations and activities that take place, nurturing relationships are developed. This leads to trust and individuals feeling more valuable.

Ruth has a range of workshops and presentations that she has developed using her five step strategy S.T.E.P.S. These include the following:

Five steps to motivate you to take action.
Five steps to have a positive mindset.

She also offers bespoke learning solutions that fit the precise needs of individuals and companies.

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