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Living Life Sideways

Making great decisions, quickly, every time, is what defines a successful entrepreneur. Time wasted is a gift to your competition. So why do most coaches never tell you the one thing that's going to make the biggest difference to your business? As the Canadians say, this is the moose on the table!

Sara Priestley is a facilitator and mentor, working with coaches, business owners and individuals, in the UK and internationally. Her whole focus is on supporting her clients in achieving their ambitions. With a background in corporate consultancy and the investment sector, she is ideally placed to understand and support you as you grow your business.

Sara has been trained by Innate Wellbeing, and is now mentored by leading coaches in the UK and US. She works with the fundamental principles of how the human mind operates, which provides critical information to our understanding of human performance.

This work allows Sara to bring attention quickly to the truth of any situation. You'll find that your growing understanding of this paradigm takes a lot off your mind and allows you to get on with business.

Living Life Sideways puts aims to put you firmly in charge of your own success.

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