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SAS Business Box

An online resource to help UK Startups, micro and small business owners gain relevant information to help them make the right decisions, at the right time.

Our Revenue Target Calculator (RTC) lets you plug in WHAT YOU WANT TO TAKE OUT of your business each month, your fixed costs and revenue streams. it works out HOW MUCH YOU NEED TO SELL, in order to achieve this.

There are also a wide range of helpful, tools, templates, checklists, videos, blogs and articles to help.

The Box's flowchart structure allows you to quickly access relevant content that answers your specific questions.

You can pause your membership at any time and come back when you are ready to learn more. Content saved to 'My Business Box' will still be there.

We are offering £10 off the first month's membership to Box Explorers we meet at The Business Show 2018, so come and see us and explore The Box for yourself!

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