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Dr Sylvia Likambi International

Dr Sylvia Likambi International (DRSLI) is a Revolutionary Personal Development and Wellbeing Consultancy/Training Company working globally. They are a leading authority in Empowerment and Transformation, providing Award-winning Cutting Edge Transformational and personal/ leadership and business development Programs and services to develop and enhance the uniqueness, productivity, resilience, sustainability, and wellbeing of individuals, organisations, and institutions.

Following their inception, they have impacted over 1.5 million lives with outstanding results in establishing/re-establishing clarity, vision, purpose, and motivation in individuals, leaders, staff, and stakeholders; especially in challenging and uncertain times. Their profound and unstoppable drive and passion are deeply rooted in their vision, mission, and core conviction; which undeniably set us apart.


To enable every single human on earth unleash their authentic identity and life purpose, so they may be able to live a purposeful, fulfilled, and extraordinary life.


To impact and transform lives one person at a time, so people no longer conform to societal norms and limitations, but are transformed through the deliberate renewal of their minds.


All humans are born equal and every individual is unique and endowed with great potentials and abilities to fulfil a unique mission on planet earth and impact our world, regardless of their background or the circumstances surrounding them.

Some of their services include:

Executive Coaching
Life Coaching
Youth Coaching
Trainings & Speaking Engagements
Empowerment & Transformation
Transforming The Young Mind
Leadership Programs
Health & Wellbeing Transformational Programs

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