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Wusche Associates Ltd

Vicki Wusche completely redesigned and developed herself from a struggling single mum after her unexpected divorce, to a successful business owner, author and renowned speaker.

While her two daughters were under three years old, Vicki enrolled at university, progressing through a first class honours and then Masters degree to becoming a university lecturer.

It was a chance attendance at a personal development event that really helped her recognise what was limiting young people and businesses of today... namely our out-dated education system. The more she learnt and studied outside the normal realm of thinking, the more she realised that she needed to take personal and financial responsibility for herself and her family. This is something she encourages everyone to do.

Vicki started investing for herself and family in 2008. Within just five years she had been listed in The Telegraph as one of the UK`s Top 25 most influential people in property. She has written four books and contributed to a further three. She regularly speaks at property and business events, delivering thought-challenging, valuable and inspiring content.

We know that everyone wants more control over their lives, their finances and their futures, and Vicki passionately believes - everyone can have that ... with focus and education (where needed).

Property investment has been an excellent strategy giving Vicki and her clients that control. She now supports a range of small buisness owners to spend their time on increasing their profits by attracting sales, leveraging assets and being totally focused.

One of the things Vicki excels at during her events is getting the audience involved in the debate. She focuses on generating possibilities that everyone in the audience can take away a practical tip or a new way of thinking about being successful in business.

When not on holiday scuba diving as her alter-ego The Property Mermaid, she manages her own portfolio, and runs 2 businesses; one sourcing property for bespoke clients and the other a training company offering strategic business development, mentoring, and training. She has bought buy to lets, HMOs, sourced development deals and helped hundreds of small businesses recognise where the profit is in their business.

Check the website for details on where she is speaking next. Come and listen to her alternative debate on how we can all be more successful and financially secure in the coming decade. More than just a property investment talk, Vicki will encourage you to challenge current business models, and work smarter for long term success in an ever changing political and economic market place.

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