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JI Software

Offering CRM solutions from Maximizer, BPM`online and Real Time, JISoftware, based in Bedford, is one of the longest established CRM implementation centres in Europe. All our implementations offer marketing, sales process support, opportunity pipeline, and customer service. With customisation other functions are possible, as for example, social media. By developing additional add-on modules, bespoke functions are possible (eg, data linking to accounts, stock management, ERP, etc.). Starting your CRM success journey can be as simple as taking a free single user account to use on a DIY basis. There are several levels after that depending on the size and complexity of the process support you want. You may opt to use the system `out of the box` with basic training on standard features. Doubtless you have established and trusted ways of working. Our customisation consultants and trainers will enable you to have the kind of process support you need; anything from single-user to enterprise-level projects. Our out-of the-box solutions are based on Maximizer CRM. We also have data transfer and SQL skill for teams leaving a legacy CRM behind or dealing with systems re-alignment of acquired companies. We also support organisations wishing to simplify their CRM or down-size from over-powered heavyweight CRM`s that are not delivering or too expensive. Our enterprise level offering is BPM`online. We advocate the appointment and training of super-users with `Application Administration` responsibilities to cut down on demands made on IT resources. Our remote technical support service cuts out the need for site visits on IT infrastructure issues. Inexpensive web-based training also helps keep costs down for smaller organisations. In everything we do we are supporting high-agility CRM, simplifying the task of keeping pace with a rapidly changing business environment.

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