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Xenace Ltd

Business IT Solutions - IT support, Cloud solutions & managed services.

Xenace offers a range of Business IT solutions including: Fully Managed IT support; hosted Cloud desktops; Office 365; website design, development and hosting. We understand security is your primary concern so we provide a proactive rather than reactive dedicated personal service to all our clients.

Our Fully Managed IT support is comprehensive and key benefits include:

* 24/7 system monitoring (desktops as well as servers)
* Industry leading guaranteed 2 hour rapid response times
* Unlimited on-site visits
* Automated backup checks
* Financially backed SLAs

We also offer Office 365 and hosted Cloud desktops which are located in UK-based datacentres for speed, security and full compliance. We analyse your needs and work fully with your company, giving you technical advice as your business grows. With all the experience, knowledge and expertise required to provide reliable outsourced IT support for you, Xenace will ensure that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly.

Supporting an IT infrastructure requires a complex set of skills and expertise. From downed email servers to software upgrades, cloud security and denial of service attacks; when your IT system works your business hums with productivity, but it only takes one problem to grind it to a halt.

On top of this, you have to contend with the ongoing costs of having your own in-house IT team, supporting salaries for each specialist on top of buying expensive equipment, software, and office overheads. Our fully managed IT support can be a lifesaver for companies that have little or no in-house IT resources. Outsourcing your IT support frees up vital time and resources for other parts of your business.

With offices in Essex, Kent and London, Xenace offers a comprehensive array of IT support options, giving you peace of mind knowing that no problem is beyond our expertise. You`ll start to think of us as your own personal IT department without the exorbitant costs.

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