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StartupV is an online TV Network tailored specifically on early stage business. We blend the best curated video from around the world with live streams and our own Startup V original shows. See it live

Our network is new, launched Nov 2016, but growing at a phenomenal rate. We have interviewed multimillionaire tycoons, Serial Entrepreneurs and Global Game Changer on some of our exclusive StartupV Original shows like YES- the Young Entrepreneurs Show, DeepDive, and Money Talk.

If you`re a Startup Founder, Professional, Investor or just think you might have some great stuff to contribute, drop us an email to and we will see if it`s possible to bring you into one of our filming days in London or a remote video link, and appear for free on

Our Platform
We have several niche shows we produce in-house based on different global audiences and the stages our viewers are at in their business. We currently film for these in London, UK but are open to pre-recorded and live streams from anywhere in the world.
We are actively seeking professionals and companies that work with, or support, early stage businesses. Equally we are actively looking for free to air and subscription based commercial TV and other channels that might be interested in syndicating our live or pre-recorded shows.
We Livecast around the world
We promote our channels and all our shows across multiple platforms and in newsletters that have a combined subscriber base of over 200,000 in the UK and 1.5M globally (2016).
We are negotiating with a new network to bring our channel to the attention of an additional 300,000 new Startup founders and CEO's per year.
Livestream channels

Our channel is integrated into Youtube,, Periscope and Facebook live and so they are searchable by most of the planet.
We use state of the art 4K cameras, wireless mics and live dynamic editing, as well as ultra-portable micro cameras like the MEVO from that allows us to deploy and stream a live event in minutes. We do hire out our team privately and can produce high quality filming for any live or online need including advertising, interviews, events, and more.
`Live Video is the new standard`
Video is fast becoming the medium of choice for consumers and essential for Gen X or Millennials. Live is a natural extension to this trend and will soon be as essential for any marketing plan as a website.
We can create, write, film and edit any content you need to build an effective marketing magnet for your business, with a mix of live and recorded footage that will suit your needs and budget. If you want any information on how we can help your business please get in touch.
Our Audience
Our primary audience is Founders and CEO's of new businesses. Most are post seed, though a significant portion are seeking additional resources in the form of follow on or growth funding, key advisers or specialist consultants, services or products to facilitate their growth, and new blood in the form of staff, co-founders, freelancers.
But we naturally attract a significant portion of other profiles including:
• Professionals, product or service businesses, and consultants that sell to early stage companies or founders
• Investors, including sweat or barter, angels, equity, crowd and hybrid
• Government and special interest groups like Accelerators and Incubators.

Can help you?

Get your message out there?
We create amazing REACH. A critical ingredient for business success. If you`re interested in advertising your products or services, looking to launch your new business, discover more users, investors or just make an impact, we would be happy to chat about a program that would suit your budget.

Appear on a show, or star in your own?
If you have something to say that you think would be of value to our target audience, get in touch, we would love to talk to you. As a not for profit, we invite a lot of Startup founders and experts to be guests on StartupV every week.
If you have an audience, or are simply AWESOME and want to use as a platform to reach a greater audience we might convince you to be a presenter on one of our innovative Original shows airing regularly.
If you podcast, or do regular live streams yourself already, we are happy to look at syndicating or re-branding your materials to reach a bigger audience.
And for those that truly want to stand out head and shoulders above their competition, we can even build a show format for your needs.

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