How not to get your freebies thrown away!

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Think event, expo or large exhibition and you automatically think of freebies. Your promotional material is designed to keep you "front of mind" for potential customers, long after the lights have been turned off and they have gone back to the comfort of their environments. Hence, if the final destination for your freebie is the trashcan in the hotel or, worse still, the one by the exit to the exhibition hall, then you obviously failed miserably to provide them with something of value that they want to keep.


Most people, when planning freebies think of how their logo and marking messages are going to look on it. However, a better place to start is by asking yourself the following questions:

1) Would I want to keep the thing I am thinking about giving away?

2) What would I find most useful to have?

3) Does it represent the quality of my brand?


Obviously, if you would not want your freebie yourself, then is unlikely that anyone else is going to want it either. Functionality plays an important part in determining whether or not your freebie will have a long shelf life. There's no point in giving away something that looks cheap and tacky if your brand says high-quality sleekness. 

Another thing you can do is to research what is trending in the world of event swag, i.e., what is hot and current. Yes, there is a"Top of the Pops" for Promotional merchandise.

People keep what they believe to be valuable and useful. Hence a lot of low-cost promotional items are left in the trash. Consequently, it is better to spend more money on a lower number of freebies rather than buying a lot of what turns out to be unwanted cheap tat. That said it is worth remembering that a high functioning low-cost item is better than a high-cost novelty with no practical purpose. For examples, pens and good quality bags, such as a well-designed cotton shopper,  are low-cost, high-function items. Everyone always needs a pen, and now that plastic bags are no longer free in the UK, cotton shoppers are an ideal replacement and hence a great thing to give that will get kept. 

Conversely, paperweights and leather bound desk pads may be seen as luxury items, but few people have space on their desks for them these days. 

In conclusion, give things that people want, and they will keep rather than chuck them. This gives your prospects the opportunity to remember who you are and to talk about you and your product/service to others.

There is still time to get your show merchandise right! If you want to know more about how to get the most from exhibition freebies, contact Sugar Cube Productions, etc. 


Kye Etherton
Managing Director
Sugar Cube Productions Ltd

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