The One Thing You MUST DO With Your Website?

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Knowing what to put on your website is a minefield. Especially when you’ve never built one before or have no clue about websites. All you have to do is throw some text on a page, and a few images and a phone number and you’re all sorted, right? I also see some very nicely designed websites that have great information on them but they too are making this one crucial mistake.

 96.8% of websites are getting it badly wrong. They don’t invest enough time and money in building a website that will help them to engage with people when they actually hit the site.

 There are so many things you can do to improve your website and engage with visitors to your site - If you want to know my top 7 tips for creating a great website - Click here

 But you’re not here to learn the seven things - You’re here to learn the ONE thing every website should include.


Drum roll, please…


THE NUMBER ONE thing your website needs to do is capture data to build up your marketing lists.

 I know it’s not very exciting, but having the ability to continue to talk to potential customers and build a relationship with them is a very powerful thing.

 By connecting your website with a marketing system, you can automatically start to build a relationship with automated emails and systems that help move the user down your sales and marketing pipelines, educating them why you are the GO TO guys for what you do

 Sounds good, right? Here're some ways you start to build the relationship with your website

Offer A Free Guide - This could be a checklist of the top things you need to consider before choosing a nursery for your child. Or a simple guide to increasing your child's attention span for learning. Something you know a parent can get great value from.

Someone that downloads this will be actively looking what you do and is looking for extra information so make sure you have a great email follow up to set up to educate them further.

Offer A brochure - A pretty detailed PDF packed with all the questions they may have about your service or product ranges. You can send this in a digital PDF or a printed.

A free training course – Give away a little bit of what your main course and then move them along towards buying the full course in your email follow up

A webinar -  A great way to educate and sell to a live or captivated audience.

FREE shipping or a coupon code to encourage sales through your store.

You can offering anything that you feel will be of value to your potential customers.

By now you should understand the value of doing this on your website.

But how do you get it onto your website?

It may sound geeky and technical, but in reality, it’s not.


Here’s my Beginners Guide to building your marketing lists using your website. You can share this with your Web designer if you like:

Step One -  Sign up for an email marketing tool - We highly recommend Active Campaign, Convert Kit or Infusionsoft. All awesome tools for different budgets. You need this so that you can automatically start to send new information to the person that has contacted you through your website.

Step Two - Set up your lists (These are where you will identify which people signed up for what )

Step Three -  Create a web form and add this to your website. A web form is a few simple fields that ask for their name and email – You can ask for as much as your like, but from experience the more you ask for, the less you get.

Step Four - Set up a thanks page and a thank you email.

Step Five - Start sending automated follow up emails to educate the user why you are the right choice for them. This could be a more in-depth look at what you offer and the results you’ve had. Share testimonials and your success stories and other free materials.

TOP TIP -  If you have captured someone's phone number - Call them within the first two days. - You’d be amazed how many people don't do this.

As you can see nothing too challenging.

You just have to make sure people can find your website now to request your free guides, packs or book a show around.

If you need help setting this up for your business - please talk to us. We’ve been doing this stuff for years and had experience with hundreds of systems. We’ also see this done very badly which will lead to a frustrating and time wasting experience for you and your results.

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