Do You Have A Traffic Problem Or A Conversion Problem?

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I had an interesting phone call a few weeks ago, out of the blue with one of our clients.

After picking up the phone and delivering our “afternoon Melt Design” spiel, I was greeted with this statement… “Hi Matt, You’ve let me down” no warm up - straight to the jugular!

 He was convinced we’d failed him with the new site design as he’d had no calls and no sign ups. Now the site had only been live two weeks so I wasn't too surprised to hear this.

 He was expecting 20 calls a week and 100 new subscribers a week!

 So I looked at the analytics and guess what. He’d only received 13 visitors to his website in the opening two weeks, and there was a good chance most of these we’re himself and his wife.

 After calling me a liar, we did a screen-share, and I walked him through his Google Analytics to highlight what was happening. And yes we did check the code we installed was right!

The problem was he’d done nothing to drive traffic to the site.

  • No Paid Advertising

  • No Social Media

  • No Emails to his list

  • No Search engine optimisation

 He just assumed as soon as we switched the site live, he’d have tonnes of calls and new subscribers to his free guide - sadly that’s never happened and never will.

 Based on the worldwide average conversion rate of 1% on websites... he’d need around 10,000 hits to receive his goal. that's not going to be cheap or easy to do in a just two weeks.


A conversion problem

 Alternatively, you may have tonnes of traffic, but you’re getting nothing back from your website

I spoke to someone last week, and they were getting over 30,000 hits a month, awesome!  Sadly their conversion rate was 0.1% - That’s frustratingly painful and expensive.

After looking at the website, it was obvious that the website was letting them down. It wasn’t clear what they did; the site content was very busy and confusing. There were also hardly any calls to action. They also used the word subscribe everywhere, please don’t use the word subscribe – people don’t want to subscribe to more things, they want solutions.

 Just think of the impact getting this site to a 2% conversion rate could have on their business with that type of traffic number

 There a few reasons this could be happening to your website.

  • Using the wrong advertising platform

  • Targeting the wrong audience

  • Your website isn’t performing correctly – Check your web forms and your checkout process to make sure people can get through easily. If I had a pound for every client that’s told me that the web forms are not working and then we discover they haven’t paid their CRM bill – I’d have 32 pound

  • Your website is confusing and unclear

  • No clear calls to action

  • Vague offers - A very common thing I see is this – get your free guide. That’s it – free guide to what? You need to treat website visitors like aliens that have just landed on earth, and even they can quickly and easily see the benefit of what you do and your free guide.

  • No abandoned cart follow up sequence

  • No credibility

  • Asking for too much information for a free guide or in the checkout

  • You're too expensive or too cheap

  • You’re in a very competitive market

  • People don’t want to buy your service or product - this is more a business problem than a conversion problem.


 So what problem do you have?

 So the next time you start panicking that your website isn’t working.  Fire up your Google Analytics and dig into the numbers of what's truly happening. Websites are just like any other thing you can measure in your business and can be improved.

 Look at the stats on your landing pages – what are the most common entrance pages and exit pages, the time on page, are people clicking on what you want them to.

 Warning Spam traffic. You also need to look carefully for spam traffic in your analytics – This can mess up and skew your numbers.  These will show up as button referrals.

 I strongly recommend installing to get an insight into where people are clicking and scrolling, getting some conversion tracking set up through AdWords or Analytics. These little insights help you to make the small tweaks to your site that will start to push the needle up for your conversions.

 When you look at the numbers, there is generally an answer to the poor results, and you’ll find you have a traffic problem or a conversion problem. A lot of people have both.

 Thanks for converting into a reader of this article :)



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