3 Cyber Security Points to Keep in Mind

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As we all know, in our day and age the way a company is presented in the Internet space is vital both to its image and success. But while Internet presence is a crucial step on the staircase of success, it also brings quite a few dangerous elements that we need to be mindful of. Cyber-attacks can be devastating both to a company’s image and to its customers. As such, the topic of cyber security comes up more and more in debates, presentations and so on.


Why Should I Invest in Cyber Security?

The “it can’t possibly happen to me” tends to be the typical mindset of victims when it comes to crimes both in the web space and out in the real world. “But I run a small family-sized business, why would anyone ever target me?” You’d be surprised how often the victims of cyber-crimes end up being exactly these small businesses and individuals. While larger companies certainly make a more appealing target for cyber-crimes because of their wealth and social status, the smaller companies are often much easier to break into. And once an intrusion happens it can completely devastate a company’s name and brand. Bigger companies can recover from this much easier than small ones simply due to the difference in resources. For example, not long ago, the UK-based ISP Talk Talk was a victim of a sizeable cyber-attack. As a result, they lost over 100 thousand customers but in the end of the day, their business practices did not get discontinued. Such a hit would be pretty much game-ending for a smaller company, which didn’t have access to the resources that the Talk Talk group works with.


Go Live UK and our Free Cyber Security Audit

While taking the proper precautions and making sure that your cyber security is up to date is a rather important thing, it is by no means the final step that you can take in ensuring your well-being in the web space. Just like in the real world, everything online is constantly evolving and this means constant effort on the perpetrator’s part to breach whatever defenses you might have set up. This means that an even greater effort has to be put in keeping said defenses up and running. We, at Go Live UK offer you a free cyber security audit [link: https://www.goliveuk.com/services/cyber-security, with link anchor text -> Cyber Security Audit] which will serve to show any loopholes that someone might use to break into your servers.


People are People

Another rather important thing to note is the human factor involved in your company’s day to day deals and practices. People tend to share passwords and information with their co-workers often disregarding workspace policies and rules and that can easily compromise the security in a company. Yes, a small company where everyone is close friends with their colleagues sounds great but it can easily turn into a cyber security nightmare.


Frequent software updates and monthly cyber-security audits [link: https://www.goliveuk.com/services/cyber-security, with link anchor text -> Cyber Security Audit]  are the №1 way to counteract this problem and a necessity for any company that values the loyalty and privacy of their customers.


We at Go Live UK are aiming to present you with a top-notch solution in terms of cyber security and online privacy. To order a free cyber security audit call 02033717354 or visit us at Stand 236 at The Business Show.