7 Reasons why you need to integrate your eCommerce and ERP systems

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In recent years, more and more businesses have been selling their products and services through an eCommerce model, often alongside their ‘traditional’ business channels. There are a number of benefits to be gained from integrating your eCommerce system into your ERP from faster, less effort data inputting to improved customer satisfaction. Here are 7 really important reasons why you should be seriously considering uniting your eCommerce suite with your ERP.


Reduce duplication of effort and error

There is considerable wasted effort and potential for error if you have to manually enter and re-enter data from your eCommerce system into your ERP. It’s all too easy to incorrectly enter the quantity, the shipping detail, or to lose or duplicate an order completely. 

Integration eliminates need to enter same data more than once by managing the automatic transfer from one system into another, making it fast and easy to have accurate, single source information at your fingertips.


Enhance reporting

Current and accurate reporting is essential for any business.

Integrating stand-alone business sales channels into your ERP including eCommerce gives a single, 360-degree view of your customer orders. Whether you are reporting stock levels, sales figures or your overall financial performance all data is available as orders are placed. 


Improve customer satisfaction

Happy customers will always come back for more. Disappointed ones use a competitor. Integrating eCommerce with your ERP makes it easier to delight your customers with real time stock positions and instant availability of new product lines. 

Price and product lead promotions can be run instantly, giving your customers what they want, when they want it!


Gives more control over data

Your ERP solution should be able to handle the detail of your eCommerce data and give you clear exclusive information on this specific area of your operation. Having this precise stand-alone detail, puts you fully in control of the information you need to grow. 

For example, any inventory and price information held in the ‘organisation wide’ ERP can be automatically fed directly to your eCommerce system ensuring that all your pricing and stock levels are aligned and presented consistently to your customers. 


Reduces Costs

Whilst integration of your eCommerce store with your ERP system will probably mean a major financial investment for your company, it can also trigger significant cost savings. For example, you will dramatically slash the time and labour costs of duplicating manual data entry on each system. 

In addition, by empowering your business processes with increased customer ‘self-service’ functionality, you will reduce the operational expenditure required to run the business and deliver a better customer experience at the same time. 


Increases company agility

The more agile your systems; the quicker you can bring new products and services to the attention of your customers. Or modify your pricing and promotional tactics to keep you ahead of the competition. 

Integrating your eCommerce store with your ERP will release your business from the manual procedures that slow you down. By increasing your speed of process, you will be able to improve cash flow by invoicing quicker and get better reporting, faster, for more insightful and robust decision making.



Enhances data integrity and security

Data integrity and security is as vital to your business and systems administrators as it is for your customers. Yet many businesses fail to protect their data properly, when it is being handled manually. By integrating your eCommerce operation with your ERP, you reduce the risks associated with poorly protected data being processed through different systems. 

By putting it all into one single repository you can be certain that your data will be aligned across your business, so that customers will see the correct products and prices and your operations staff will have accurate information at all times.    


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