What do I need for my new business?

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First things first is a big congratulations for starting up your new business. The last thing you probably want to think about right now is the technical side of things, however it is important to ensure you get your IT right at the very beginning to make sure your business gets the flying start it deserves.

Sometimes when setting up a new business you may be so caught up in the big idea that you forget the little things that really matter. One good example could be that you thought of your new business name, but forgot to check if that name already has a domain name registration, leaving you to start off from the beginning.

It is always important to consider all aspects of the business IT systems you need before the big launch. Getting it wrong doesn’t JUST mean a delay in starting, but could cost you a lot of financial resources in the long run too. Below are some of the topics you need to consider for your new business IT infrastructure. These have been handpicked by the Director, and Marketing Manager of IT-Logik who have been assisting with the set up of IT infrastructures for start-ups and SME’s since 2007.

Domains: Consider your domain name. It has to be something catchy and/or relevant, but at the same time you do not want it to be too long. Naming your company ‘TheSupperAwesomeStartUpCompanyInLondon.com’ isn’t going to go down well in a domain search, and email addresses.

Web hosting: Pick a hosting provider that is reliable. Remember, cheapest is not always the better option. It is also worth checking out what protections they offer should your site go down.

Email: There’s more than one type of email service. IMAP/POP3 are the cheapest, however Exchange is by far a more premium service. Also make sure you have an email security option. Spam gets distributed left, right and centre these days, so a good security protocol is a must.

Connectivity: Your business is moving in a fast paced environment. So your internet connections should do the exact same. Always consult with an expert to ensure you get the best speeds and service.

To Host or to not?: Not all start-ups can take on a IT manager, so it’s common to outsource services to a professional IT company. One benefit alone is that the stress of having to deal with a IT related issue has been taking out of your hands (which is always a good thing).

You can see the full checklist, and other tips and tricks to helping your new business IT by clicking here

A little bit about us: IT-Logik have been helping start-ups, and SME’s get the best out of their IT infrastructure for over 10 years. You can find out more about IT-Logik here

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