4 easy ways to test your business email security

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For many businesses, the most important form of communication is email. In today’s world, where emails can contain highly sensitive and confidential information, keeping your data secure is paramount.

Testing your own email security is one way to ensure your communication is safe and private, and there are several ways to test it, from free online resources to using a full-blown email security service.

Below are just four ways to easily test your business email security. We'll also be giving you the pros and cons to using each of these methods to give you a better idea of what you're getting into.

1. Free online checkers

There are a good handful of free online email security checkers and they can be helpful when it comes to the basics. One of the most popular tools you can use is Email Security Grader. This tool will only ask for two things, your business website address and your email address connected to that domain. It will then go through some testing (which can take up to 3 minutes) and will give you an overall result out of 100%.

This is a fairly safe method to use and it is highly rated by its users, however this is usually only useful to very small businesses who perhaps do not have the budget for proper email security testing. You can use this as a guide and a way to give you an idea of how secure your email is, however do not accept it as gospel. If anything was to be wrong according to this test, it will only point out the flaw rather than fixing it. A security provider wouldn't just see the flaw; they could also fix it for you.

2. Spam yourself

This may sound a little odd, but you can always (if you have time) test your own security by sending your business spam-themed emails. It's free to set up many email - Gmail being the most popular - so you could create one or two fake emails that you could use to send emails to business addresses to see if your email server finds them suspicious or blocks them at all. This isn't the most fool proof method, but if your spam emails can get through then others will likely get through too.

Obviously, it goes without saying, do not also send your company dodgy unchecked links as you do not want to put yourself at actual risk. This is more of a method to test spam emails and how your email provider responds to them, we would not recommend using only this method to test your overall email security. 

3. Sign up to newsletters

This is a similar method to spamming yourself. if you don't have the time to set up your own emails (or you do not wish to) then you can always sign up to newsletters on various websites. Email services tend to have a hard time determining which newsletters are safe or spam; it's a roll of the dice on many occasions, so they're a good way to test spam emails.

Only sign up to newsletters that are from trusted sources such as newspapers etc., you do not want to put yourself at risk. If these emails all get through and none of them are flagged in any way, then this could be an indication that your email isn't overly filtering your emails (which could lead to spam making its way into your inbox). This, again, is more of an indicator and not a solid way of testing security - leave that to the professionals.

4. Get a professional to check

Although you can test your email security yourself, it's not a proven way of testing, and unless you're an IT professional you might still not spot when something is or isn't wrong. If you have the budget, always get someone to look at it for you.

It doesn't cost a lot to get your business emails tested and should you need any help then most businesses, including ourselves, offer affordable cloud-based email security services. Experts can do very deep and vigorous testing that can point out even the most hidden of security flaws. This is why, when it comes to your business, you shouldn't risk solidly using other unproven methods.

Want a professional opinion? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, or visit us at The Business Show to discuss your requirements.

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