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More and more businesses are looking to move from a traditional IT setup to a Cloud or Hosted service instead. However, in the era where we look to virtualisation for our IT needs, there’s a lot of technical jargon that we must battle. One of the most common misconceptions is that Cloud and Hosted solutions are the same.

We’ve found more often than not the reason why businesses haven’t moved to a Cloud or Hosted service is because they aren’t exactly sure what these services entail. Furthermore, for those who have decided to implement one of these services, they often think the two services are the same.

As you can guess by the title, the two services do differ from each other. That being said, they do share some very close similarities! It’s also worth bearing in mind that as a general rule, there is no set definition between the two different services.

Cloud Services tends to be more for online file storage. Services such as iCloud, Dropbox and ownCloud give you the freedom to sync your files from your local devices and store them securely online, ‘in the Cloud’. You could also consider Cloud backups (aka online or remote backup services), which offers many advantages over local backups solutions.

Hosted Services, as the name suggests, offers a more dedicated solution to your IT infrastructure. By enabling a Hosted Service, you have access to an arsenal of products that are crucial to your business. An example could be Hosted Exchange or Web Hosting. These services are usually hosted by a 3rd party (usually an IT service provider) and effectively, you get the service you need, but without the worries and hassle of hosting it yourself.

Hosted Services also gives you the freedom to get your latest information. For example, if you use Hosted Exchange on your work computer to send an email, and then you leave work to find one of your clients has replied, you have access to that latest information right in front of you. Another benefit is that you will find this update is often synced with your other devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

It's worth mentioning that no one is restricted from using both Cloud &m Hosted Services, and it is completely up to you to decide what works best for your business.

At IT-Logik, we’ve been helping business’s move over from traditional IT setups to business level Cloud & Hosted services. We understand that it can seem daunting, but honestly, it isn’t. We believe Cloud & Hosted services are the future of business IT, and we would recommend anyone who is a bit cautious or unsure about the move over to give us a call to find out all the benefits the services can have specifically to your business. Some of our products and services we offer include well known products such as Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Lync (Skype for Business), and Web Hosting. We also offer a range of unique Cloud Services, including our VDI vDeskOnline.


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