How to make your workforce more efficient

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Let me state that this blog isn’t going to make any substantial claims regarding the performance of your workforce and their ability to perform as an employee. No, what’s written in this blog is how to make them more efficient. Efficiency often gets overlooked in the workplace due to management believing that workflow is affected by the employee’s ability to perform a task, not the means used to perform it.

What is meant by this is the process your employee may have to go through to perform said tasks. So let’s start from the top.


The bane of the working person’s life. No matter your industry, no one wakes up thinking “I can’t wait to do all the Admin today!”. Well, 50% of employees strongly agree that they waste a large amount of time on admin a day with 35% agreeing, according to a study by These admin tasks are primarily paper based, require the transferring of files via e-mail and sifting through multiple files to find the correct ones that need to be amended, filled out and/or sent off. This results in a lot of time being wasted on searching and form filling. I hope none of your employees suffer from carpal tunnel.


Businesses in the digital industry would have often heard someone say something like “But we want to have a hard copy”, “We’ve always done it this way” or “what if our servers go down”. Well, have you ever considered the amount of time wasted on filling out paper based forms by writing them out? How about the amount of time finding old files and important documents? On top of these factors, what if more than one individual needs access to the same document?


Well it’s great that your employee filled out those 30 forms, all written by hand and double checked for spelling and grammatical errors, let’s have them send them to someone in another office across the country. Well, they’re all hand written, so we’ll have to post them, or scan them individually, find them in your computer and then E-Mail them, or fax them individually to the recipient. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.


Admin. There are a large amount of bespoke software developers across the globe and they specialise in the creation of software that revolves around your business, reducing the admin, improving the efficiency of your business and allowing your employees more time on the tasks that matter. (The ones that make you money!)

Paper. Offsite servers, backups and redundancy power supplies, these implementations keep your files safe, secure and reduce the risks of your company losing important documents. On top of which, by using digital documents, they can be filled out quicker, easier, with less grammatical and spelling errors.

File Sharing. No more lines at the photocopier, fax machine or printer. You are now able to pluck your files from your computers servers or internal drives and share them till your heart is content. Whether by E-Mail, allowing others access to a storage server or any other means of file sharing, you can now share a file with a few clicks of a mouse.

 We understand that not all these factors may affect you directly or at all but still ask yourselves whether your business as a whole could prosper by utilising digital technology. There is only so much that can be written in a blog and there are many more factors that can be discussed so why not contact your local, regional or national software developer and see if they can help you better the efficiency of your workforce.

This Blog was written by Andrew Blackler, the Business Development Manager for IGS Solutions.




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