Sarsaparilla is the first and only marketing agency with a proven Money Making Marketing Model™ that links and converts marketing into sales. They look at all areas of marketing such as branding, websites, social media and PR, and ensure that every penny you spend is an investment, with measurable & sustainable results, not an expense. Marketing expert, Kimberly Davis created Sarsaparilla to protect you from marketing cowboys, known as The Flash, Fluff, and Fakers™. Everything they do revolves around her unique 10 Step Complete Marketing Magnetism System™ which is proven to attract more clients, time and money in any economy! They provide you with the right map, tools, and resources you need to succeed, including:

• Training (webinars, events, courses, etc.)
• Products (DVDs, CDs, books, kits, etc.)
• Services (project management, implementation, etc.)
• Mentoring and Consulting (1 to 1 bespoke advice and support)

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