Alan Joenn

Alan Joenn is the Marketing Director at independent CRM consultancy Collier Pickard Ltd.
He is a sales, marketing and CRM specialist with 40 years’ experience in the successful deployment of CRM for small and large scale organisations – in the UK, Europe and globally. His knowledge in CRM strategy and best practice stretches throughout multiple industries; from commercial and non-profit organisations to professional services firms and the financial services sector. He is qualified in Miller Heiman Strategic Selling and other structured methodologies – and is a great advocate of Peppers & Rogers 1-to-1 marketing

How CRM enables business growth.

Alan will outline a business strategy and a proven methodology which helps SMEs align their CRM and digital technologies to their growth plans. Many SMEs will increase the value of their business through the successful application of CRM technologies and Alan will describe some straightforward steps for achieving success in this area.


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