Sammy Blindell

Strategic branding coach Sammy Blindell is the founder and visionary behind How To Build A Brand, the world’s most valuable brand building resource for entrepreneurs of fast growth businesses. Having spent 21 years in the branding and marketing industry, Sammy has dedicated over 100,000 hours of her life to creating, innovating, transforming, branding and building businesses for herself and others all over the world. She’s relentless in her mission to change the way the world does business by transforming the way entrepreneurs build brands and is on a mission to help you achieve the success you deserve too.

How To Drive New Customers To Your Business FAST & FREE!

Learn exactly what I do at How To Build A Brand to generate thousands of pounds worth of FREE publicity every year, connect with over 35,000 people all from over the world every week and how we went from zero income start-up (at #473,000,000 on Google), to £18,000 per month in retainer business and #3 in Google, above Sir Richard Branson… all in just 12 weeks!

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