Stephen Schofield

Head of Business Development – PG Mutual

Stephen has over 20yrs experience working within financial services, the majority of which has been spent within mutual organisations and he therefore has a strong enthusiasm for the Mutual sector in particular. In addition to Income Protection, Stephen has significant experience within the Mortgage, PMI and Cash plans sectors within financial services.
PG Mutual was established in 1928 as a not-for-profit organisation to provide income protection for employed and self-employed individuals. Stephen joined in January 2012 and his responsibilities have been the management and development of relationships with PG’s existing partners. He had been involved closely with the promotion of the benefits of PG Mutual’s Income Protection plan to individuals, however more recently had been part of a team working on developing a cost effective and risk free sick pay solution to employers which included help in designing a staff sick policy.

The potential impact of illness/accident to your business

Forward planning is a crucial aspect of any business - Identifying and minimising the potential impact that negative events could have on your business is shrewd business planning. Consider therefore, the negative impact a prolonged period of sickness absence, for you or a colleague would have on both your business and your personal circumstances. PG Mutual will provide an insight into potential solutions to minimise the potential risk.


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