Angela De Souza


Angela De Souza is on a mission to unlock the potential that exists within each and every business owner. She is an author, speaker, trainer and the founder of the national business network, Women’s Business Club.

“Angela is an engaging speaker as she always manages to work in a story or two to capture the audience''s attention and to get them involved. Angela is a great supporter of local businesses and if you’re looking for a great speaker for your event, you can’t go wrong with Angela..” – Jonathan Pollinger, Intranet Future

Stop Running to the Well - Proven strategies to automate business

Automate Your Business

Angela''s brand new book and talk title, Stop Running to the Well, is centered around automating your business as effectively and efficiently as possible so that you can have a predictable and consistent stream of income into your business.

Create systems for admin, finance, lead generation, sales, building and managing teams using this focus way of thinking and building your business.

Angela De Souza will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 3 - Thursday 14.45 - 15.15: Stop Running to the Well - Proven strategies to automate business


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