Bhavik Haria

Bhavik Haria, Director of video production agency Cincera Productions, has over 5 years experience in helping businesses tell their story in the digital world through the power of videos.

His fresh outlook on video marketing and how to use it to increase sales has helped hundreds of businesses to reach new audiences and increase their profits.

Cincera have helped tell stories for businesses such as Kaplan Financial UK, Arup, Arcus and charitable organisations such as the RSPCA and London''s Air Ambulance.

Bhavik is committed to deeply understanding how online video is transforming businesses around the UK and can show you how to do the same for your own business.

How To Win More Business Using Video Marketing

Everywhere you look, video is being used to tell a story, engage our minds, sell a product, or encourage a cause. Bhavik will show you how to create short videos for every part of your business so you can deeply engage with your audience and get more leads, sales and clients. With video, you can become instantly recognised as an industry authority, raise your brand awareness and increase your profit.


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