Charles Uzor

Charles Uzor is the founder of a digital branding agency called BRANDi Design. Charles is very passionate about branding and digital technology and although he has over thirteen years experience in sales and marketing, he only just bumped into the relevance of branding four years ago after working in the entertainment industry. The fierce and competitive nature of the industry helped him to understand how pivotal branding is for businesses and brands online. Charles believes in business, Perception is Everything #PIE. A belief that inspired the birth of his branding agency and a vision to help brands to portray a great perception that will make them thrive successfully both online and offline.

Branding Your Business for Success

This seminar is to highlight the importance of branding for businesses. Most entrepreneurs have a misconception of branding that inhibits the opportunity for them to get the best out of their businesses from the get go. After this presentation, business owners would have a better understanding of the value of branding and also get tips on how to integrate it to their business successfully.