Clare Groombridge

Clare Groombridge is the Founder of South Coast Social, a boutique social media agency exclusively for small to medium sized businesses that are focussed on growth and expansion.

Clare is a self-confessed tech geek and entrepreneur with a passion for social media marketing. Combined with her specialist industry knowledge and years of experience, this has helped her to develop South Coast Social into one of the south coast’s leading social media agencies with a prestigious UK wide client list of businesses spanning a wide range of sectors.

5 Ways To Make Your Business Social Media Awesome

Do you struggle with your business social media? Perhaps it’s not generating the sales you need, or you’re not sure which social networks are the best for your brand? Maybe you simply don’t know what content you should be sharing or how to go about it?
South Coast Social Founder Clare Groombridge shares her top 5 Ways To Make Your Business Social Media Awesome – whatever sector your business is in.


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