Daniel Rogoff & Guy Tritton

Daniel Rogoff: founder and business development professional at PayPoint Plc and PayShop S.A., with over 20 years consulting experience in driving business development for start-ups through to listed companies. Daniel advocates that sales is a process that must be followed diligently to be successful and has used his classical sales training from his time a Xerox, NCR and Computer Associates to guide others through the scary bits.

Guy Tritton: experienced IP Barrister and investor, practises across Patents, Copyright & Design and Trade Marks as well as serving commercial requirements from start-ups to larger organisations. Guy is an experienced and popular mediator who was recently described by Chambers & Partners as a fluent, dedicated and powerful advocate. Not only are Guy’s credentials are impressive but he is described as friendly and responsive and a general all-rounder who is able to see the bigger picture.

Adding Shareholder Value: A Proactive IP Strategy

Quidnunc highlights the challenges in growing a business to £1 million turnover, then to £2 million +, where distinct issues occur and it moves from a ”lifestyle” to an “ investible” business: requiring planning and an IP asset base.
Guy will advise on the importance of having an IP strategy and its impact on other areas of the business, ensuring a growth strategy and an eventual planned exit for the founders.


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