David Burns

David Burns is the Chief Technology Officer for Yell in the UK, with responsibility for driving the digital and technology agenda, he is a strong advocate for the adoption of new technologies and has a passion for identifying new ways in which the experience of Yell customers can be enhanced.

David joined the Yell team in 2016 and has been working closely with the management team on new initiatives which will not only take Yell forward but also deliver an enhanced, affordable and market changing set of services to Yell’s customers over the coming 24 months.

Over his career David has acquired multiple accolades within the Technology industry with his work being recognised by both partners and industry experts. Prior to joining Yell, David regularly consulted large government organisations on their digital approach and the trends that would impact business and broader society over the coming 5 - 10 years.

Top tips for using digital marketing to help your business succeed

David presents the latest digital marketing trends and gives insight into some of the technologies of the future. This presentation will showcase David’s top digital marketing tips to help businesses stay ahead in a constantly advancing digital world, and ensuring your business is set up to succeed.

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