Graham Rowan

Graham Rowan is a man on a mission. His goal is to wipe out financial illiteracy and help people take ownership of their financial future. In the last 18 months his mission has seen him speak at the United Nations in New York, Harvard Business School in Boston and both houses of Parliament in the UK. Graham chairs the Elite Investor Club, helping savvy business owners achieve their financial goals through a combination of wealth coaching, extraordinary investments and access to a universe of experts on everything from tax planning to getting the next generation involved in the family business. Graham has published two books and has also hosted and produced a television series, Make Your Money Work, which is currently airing on Sky TV’s Property Channel. Later in November he will share the stage in Singapore with investment legends Jim Rogers and Marc Faber at the World Wealth Creation Conference.

The Wealth Blind Spots That Could Cost You £1 million

Business owners in the UK are being badly advised. Your accountant does no more than the law requires. Your financial adviser’s thinking rarely extends beyond the volatility of the stock market. For the average business owner we work with, the difference between getting 5 decisions right or wrong is likely to have a £1 million or more impact on your net worth. Find out how in this 30 minute talk.