Ifty Nasir

Through a successful career of business leadership (in the energy sector), building businesses and high performing teams, Ifty has learnt the power equity has to align interest, share risk and reward - ensuring everyone is vested in the business’ success.

He is a great believer of the ‘Ownership Effect’, in that even a small piece of equity in a business has the power to change your relationship with it.

Over the last 3 years, he’s devoted his time to helping make this most empowering of tools, easily accessible to businesses of all sizes, even those just starting out, by eliminating the cost and complexity usually involved.

Modern teams are no longer made up of employees alone, so a range of tools may be required to successfully engender the Ownership Effect across the team. Ifty will help you understand the different types of schemes available, and how to use them.

Everything you need to know about share schemes for SMEs

You understand the benefits of sharing ownership of the business with your team, and want to set-up a share scheme. But what are the different types of shares and schemes available, which is best for YOUR team? Is the cost and complexity leaving you baffled? Avoid wasting time and money trying to figure out the answers; Ifty Nasir, CEO at Vestd, will help you with what you need to know.