Jasper van Luik

Jasper has over 30 years’ experience in international logistics. He is CEO of Newcorp Logistics BV, a family-owned global logistics business that prides itself on maintaining a high quality of personal service to its many clients in over 60 countries.

Based in the heart of the port of Rotterdam, and with offices in the UK, USA and China, Jasper provides a comprehensive freight, warehousing, fulfilment and delivery service. His speciality however is the Financial, Escrow and Inspection service, ensuring that you indeed receive the goods you paid for and that you get paid for the goods you have delivered so that all financial risks are avoided.


The talk is aimed at those who export, or anyone planning to export, goods into mainland Europe. Brexit will bring certain changes to exporting procedures and Jasper will explain why these changes shouldn’t be a barrier to successful exporting into the EU.
The recently signed draft Withdrawal Agreement, formalising the conclusions to the phase 1 negotiations for the UK exiting from the EU, brought bad news and good news for the UK exporter. The bad news is that they will have to get their heads around the requirements for administering the import VAT and excise duties; the good news is that there is additional time to do so – until December 2020. Jasper will outline the help that is available to exporters and to give some tips and advice on how to grow your export business through collaboration and smart thinking.