Jen Hinds

With over 25 years of experience in Marketing & Communications, Jen has worked with global brands as well as one man (and woman!) bands. She is passionate about helping businesses create the conditions where people want to do business with them! Jen runs two businesses and is also a Regional Leader and Deputy Network Leader for 4Networking where she works daily with members and team members to help them grow their businesses and their networks.

Also a passionate and competitive rower, it’s Jen’s energy and enthusiasm which make her workshops fun AND effective.

"Very engaging"
"Where did the time go? Today was a day very well spent!"
"Fabulous, friendly, engaging. Very likeable!"
"Lively, enthusiastic and clear delivery. Very knowledgeable."
"Enjoyed the workshop today. Thanks Jen for more top tips. Could seriously listen to you all day!"
"Brilliant workshop! Very engaging"

Business is a Team Sport

Whether you are a one-man band or a multinational company, being in business and attracting new customers is a team sport. Avid rower (the sporting kind not the argumentative kind!), and marketing and communications expert Jen shares how the lessons she’s learned in a boat, and in 25 years of business, can help you maximise results from your marketing.


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