Kevin Maddison

Kevin has worked in the service sector, both employed and self-employed, for over 30 years. His experience comes from his work within racing teams, retail motor industry, maritime security, financial services and international property.

This work includes developing contact and sales administration systems to help businesses manage property or product portfolios for product providers, managing selling processes in a variety of sectors, lead management and other specialist administrative controls for external out of office teams.

Kevin is an experienced consultant to small businesses, where he continues to advise and support those in business management hoping to improve sales and administration controls using technology. It is important to understand not becoming an IT guru in the process is a key objective.

As Managing Director of Global Management Platform, his current focus is to work with clients that need to find suitable CRM solutions at affordable costs.

Affordable Small Business Systems That Can Help Make You Money

Small business owners need to understand how CRM systems can make them money saving time.

People have heard of CRM with very different ideas about what a CRM system is and is capable of helping with.
A simple look at managing sports club membership fees as a way to show how the right approach can revolutionise organisations.

This is a refreshing change to previous encounters with this type of technology.


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