Lena Robinson

Lena’s a straight talking Kiwi that’s worked in London for the last 15 years. Recently she decided to throw a grenade into her life and started up FTSQ. Her goal is to support non-conformist business owners to achieve all the things they were told they couldn't and more, by challenging current ways of thinking when it comes to running a business, in every possible way.

She uses all the knowledge and experience she’s gained after 27 years in business to helps others. She had a successful career in ''adland'', started three companies (FTSQ’s her third, just sold her second). Lena has traded her parents business out of near disaster when the Inland Revenue (NZ equivalent to HMRC) was threatening to end them. Has mentored many bright young people that have gone on to do amazing things, and made sh** loads of money for the companies she’s worked for and with.

Don’t conform, there’s power in your difference.

This TEDTalk style talk will be about how not-conforming to the status quo, and being bold enough be different, is your greatest strength in business. It will be challenging, it will be ballsy, and it will make you sit bolt upright in your chair. Because now is the time for non-conformist’s to rise up and say “F*** The Status Quo”.


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