Marie Fisher

A Finance Director within larger organisation prior to acquiring her first business in December 2000, turning the business from loss making & high debt levels to a profitable cash rich business in 6 months. She has gone onto make further acquisitions and establish Klarity Vision over the intervening years, leading the group of companies through change to meet the increasing expectations of clients through the use of technology. Her own organisation now faces the same challenges as your business, as they move to meet the changes being implemented by HMRC, using their unique position since the announcement, to develop, plan and implement relevant solutions.

Are You Ready to File Accounts Every 3 Months?

Businesses & individuals will be required to file accounts/tax information every 3 months by 2020, are you ready for this change? Marie Fisher (MD) of Klarity Vision will take you through the changes, the impact on you & your business. More importantly, help you understand what you need to do to prepare yourself and present some of the apps and solutions that will help you manage this more effectively.


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