Neil Foley

Neil has been actively advising micro and small business owners for over 20 years, looking at every aspect of juggling the many different plates that every small business owner will relate to. Although he has an MBA, there is no substitute for practical hands on experience and having run his own company for over 20 years, he has this in abundance. Neil sold a company 3 years ago to concentrate on the Business Growth Club which is aimed squarely at micro businesses, a sector sadly neglected and yet crucial to our economy. His passion is to make a difference to this sector by providing common sense business advice, which sadly is not that common. Neil is converting the company to a formal social enterprise, as a Community Interest Company, in recognition everything done at the Business Growth Club is to help micro businesses and their local economies.

‘Common Sense Isn’t That Common in Business Growth’

A look at why small business owners overlook the blindly obvious when it comes to growth. None of us would use a computer without some form of operating system, so why should our business be any different? The seminar will give practical tips that can be implemented immediately, looking at Three Business Multipliers and Eight Business Boosters – all free and easy to do, which actually work!