Nicky Speakman

Website design and digital marketing wizard, Nicky Speakman is the founder of Code Galaxy. With over ten years of experience working in the IT sector, Nicky has been a huge part of design and development projects, for many exceptional UK companies. His natural leadership abilities have always been well utilised, from managing large teams of IT specialists to teaching website design and marketing to students; during his time as a University lecturer. His mission is to provide fresh and innovative website design and digital marketing services, to enrich other businesses and to help shape the future of the internet.

Using digital strategies to effectively market your business

Do you want to develop a more strategic approach to marketing your business?
Nicky will teach you how to structure and manage your website well, to improve engagement and generate leads. With the imminent changes to the EU Data Protection law, this will also include methods to make your website GDPR and PECR compliant. Nicky will also share best practice in 2018, for optimising a website for SEO.


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