Oliver Rowbory

Oliver Rowbory is the co-founder of The Good Till Company. His background has been focused on how technology and data can support people and businesses to make progress, spending his career working in various commercial positions in leading technology and information companies, such as Experian. His focus is now on cloud technologies and POS applications and services, helping businesses and end customers alike by providing innovative, ergonomic POS software, hardware and services for the retail and hospitality businesses. In launching The Good Till Company, he took an innovative step towards bridging the gap between offline
stores and online data, going beyond just taking payments to provide a user-friendly hub for SMEs and a powerful source of business intelligence.

The evolution of cloud applications and the benefits for SMEs

In this seminar Oliver will cover the evolution of cloud applications and the benefits for SMEs. Taking a chronological approach, he will review how core services such as AWS have come about, how that type of technology is supporting the proliferation of cloud and how cloud is helping small business compete on the high street.


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