Olivia Leonard

Olivia Leonard is Director of Facebook’s Small & Medium Business division across Europe, Middle East and Africa. She has responsibility for managing Facebook''''s SMB business for the UK and Ireland and leading its global direct sales team.

She has worked in the communication and technology sector for more than 15 years. Olivia joined Facebook in 2011 and held two senior roles, Developer Operations Manager and Engineering Recruitment Manager, before joining the SMB team in 2013. She began her career as a management consultant with Accenture, and also ran her own small business, a gym for children, for 8 years.

Olivia is passionate about helping SMBs grow, and has a wealth of expertise, given her first-hand experience of running a small business.

Taking your business to the world with Facebook: Going global in a mobile, connected world

The growth of mobile is making the world more connected than ever. By 2020, smartphones will account for two out of every three mobile connections, creating an online community of almost 6 billion people. This will create an incredible opportunity for businesses to engage with customers around the world.

Ten years ago, international expansion was beyond the reach of all but the largest or most determined of businesses. Join us to hear how it allows local business become global and small business become large.


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