Paul Carr & Esther Parent

Paul Carr MBA is Managing Director of Merryvale who operate residential children’s homes as well as semi-independent services for 16-18 year olds. Having started four homes he has learned many lessons and is ready to pass on the benefit of his knowledge to you so you don’t have to. He has a Masters in Business Administration and is an expert in business planning and strategy as well financial forecasting and control. Esther Parent is an experienced Registered Manger of children’s homes and is an expert in preparing for Ofsted inspections and licence applications. She currently provides consultancy services including being a Responsible Individual for children’s homes. She has NVQ Level 5 in social care management as well as an undergraduate degree in Law.

How to Open a Residential Children’s Home

If you are interested in opening a residential children’s home, then this is the seminar for you! We will take you through a step by step process, detailing everything you need to know from how to get your Ofsted licence, where to get children, how much to charge and how much to budget. You will also have the chance to ask questions about your specific project.