Penina Shepherd

Penina is an award winning entrepreneur, the author of the inspirational book The Freedom Revolution and founder of the innovative Law Firm ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW listed by the Financial Times’ Top 50 Groundbreaking & Innovative Law Firms in the UK and Europe.

She set up the firm on her own, from a complete standstill, at the start of the worst economic climate in decades, with a shoestring budget, in an industry that doesn’t welcome change, immediately after giving birth to her third child and when she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. What she did have, however, was an abundance of passion for making a difference in her industry.

Her revolutionary vision, innovation and business model have been remarkably successful. The firm now boasts a great team of commercial lawyers, offices in Brighton & Gatwick and an impressive long line of business clients.

5 Most Important Tips to Protect Every Business

An engaging session providing great insight on crucial legal issues every business person must know. Delegates will walk away with a good understanding and legal tips on how to safeguard their business, including: Ideas on how to use the law to their business advantage; Brand & Intellectual Property protection tips; Legal essentials to secure their business; Guidance on contracts with employees, clients, suppliers and other parties; How to mitigate disputes.


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