Peter Small

"Systems engineer, computer programmer and an entrepreneur in a variety of
diverse industries.
Author of books: ""Magical A-Life Avatars, The Entrepreneurial Web, The
Ultimate Game of Strategy and ""Web Presence"".
Author of the award winning, animated CD-ROM book “How God Makes God”,
which describes business in terms of nature’s evolutionary strategies.
Gave seminar talks on bots in New York, Boston and San Francisco.
Worked on information sharing systems for the Pharmaceutical Company,
Sanofi in Paris and Ericsson in Stockholm.
Worked on SEO strategies. Developed projects in virtual world environments.
Currently, developing a crowd-sourcing system to find information
sweet-spots on the web and organize them into groupings, using the
metaphor of “Towns in the Cloud”."

Using Crowd Sourcing as a business strategy

The basics of crowd-sourcing.
Understanding and coping with the complexity of the web.
Limitations of search engine optimization techniques, bots, algorithms and
artificial intelligence.
Combining custom data mining tools with crowd-sourcing to find information
sweet-spots on the Internet. Strategically placing a website into an information sweet-spot to take advantage of the traffic it attracts.