Raja Saggi

Raja is Head of B2B Marketing in the UK –the world’s most advanced country in terms of e-commerce and online advertising spending.
Raja’s team is responsible for acquiring new customers for products such as AdWords through a variety of offline, online and partner channels. His team also manages programs such as Google Partners. Previously, Raja was Head of Business Development for Yell, the world’s largest directory company, where his team managed Yell’s strategic and affiliate partner relationships, and relaunched its ad network. Raja has also worked in a variety of commercial and operational roles in start-ups in the Internet advertising, Internet security and eCRM sectors.
Raja is a regular keynote speaker at events in Europe and an advisor to VC funded start ups. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from UCL and an MBA from Insead.

5 Easy Steps to Better Digital Marketing

Raja will talk about steps that all businesses can take to improve their online marketing. This seminar is applicable to B2C and B2B businesses.


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