Richard Hoyle and Duncan McCombe

Richard Hoyle:
Richard is a barrister at Essex Court Chambers, one of the leading commercial law sets in London. He has a particular focus on commercial litigation & arbitration, including shareholder disputes and cross-border work as well as advisory work in a range of areas, including the interpretation of commercial contracts.

Alongside his full time practice, Richard is the Vice Chairman of the Young Bar and an elected Member of the Bar Council of England & Wales. He also recently acted as co-rapporteur for the Report of the COMBAR Sub-Group on Brexit and the Conflict of Laws.

Duncan McCombe:
Duncan is a barrister at Maitland Chambers with experience across a range of legal matters, including, commercial law, arbitration, insolvency and property. He is an elected member of the Bar Council. He is Chair of the Young Bar and also sits on the Bar Council’s Brexit Working Group.

The Law: What businesses need to be aware of

Barristers Duncan McCombe and Rick Hoyle will give top tips on key areas of
business legal matters that businesses need to keep on top of.


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