Richard Jackson

Computers, or any other digital devices, have no secrets for Richard. With more than 7 years of experience in forensics computing, Richard joined FACT in October 2011, after having obtained a degree of BSc (Hons) Forensic Computing (2:1) from the University of Teesside.

FACT is the UK’s leading intellectual property protection organisation, offering a Security Certification designed to safeguard our clients` operations. Richard translates tech issues into everyday language that is easily understandable by all business units, and is a frequent speaker on issues such as cyber security, risk management and cyber awareness.

5 top tips to stay cyber secure

Cyber security is considered a priority by 74% of UK’s business managers. However, only 19% of companies invest in cyber security. Furthermore, all businesses employ online services in some form: using emails and social media, having a website or storing documents in the cloud. Attend FACT’s seminar to find out more about how to be secure online from our experts and learn the 5 top tips to stay cyber secure.


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