Rick Norgate

Rick Norgate is SD Worx UK’s Head of Corporate Sales & Solutions. Rick was previously responsible for leading the Product team in the development of SD Worx's SaaS HR products. As the driving force behind SD Worx's move in the true SaaS space Rick designed a new approach that meant a typical 30 day customer implementation for HR and Payroll could be done in less than 5 days. Following this Rick was selected to head up Sales & Solutions. His team are responsible for shaping the solutions and services that customers buy. In this role Rick brings creativity & innovation with a genuine passion to help clients get solutions that address their challenges.

In addition to this Rick also provides leadership and strategic direction for SD Worx’s commercial, marketing and implementation approaches.

Rick has spent the last 17 years developing, designing and implementing SaaS & Cloud solutions for a variety of industries. Ricks entire design ethos revolves around the concept of creative & intuitive design with a focus on a world class end user experience.

In 2014 and 2016, his team won the ‘Team of the year’ award and in 2015 he was awarded the ‘Senior Manager Impact Award’ by SD Worx.

Managing work-life balance through technology

Technology means that the world of work and home are more blurred than they have ever been. See how modern technology can help employees better manage their work-life balance through the use of employee-centric solutions.


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