Robert Upright

Robert Upright is an inspiring public speaker, accomplished lead trainer and online entrepreneur, as well as a founding mentor of the Unlimited Success Speaker’s Academy. He studied Psychology as he has always had an interest in mindset and what makes people succeed, and he has a 10-year history in the retail management industry, specialising in service, sales, people development and conversion, then moving into account management.
While Robert was introduced to the social media business just 6 months ago, he uses social media to massively increase his reach and online presence, enabling him to radically increase his earnings and position himself as a prominent thought leader. Robert also loves to show his followers and those he trains how to use social media to kick-start affiliate marketing sites as another income stream, to win back time and create the freedom to indulge in the activities most important to each unique entrepreneur.

How to build and grow a business using Social Media

By helping other people, you can generate your own business online, it''s all about the value you bring to others. Using and following a simple step-by-step system to find a targeted audience on Twitter or Facebook, who have a problem that needs solving. Developing your business for up-front value to bring the best online products to these people. Solving their problem while developing your business at the same time.

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